David François Huynh
Research Scientist
Metaweb Technologies, Inc.
e-mail: dfhuynh at alum dot mit dot edu
631 Howard St. Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94105

In this age of data abundance, good information and insights are rare. Which sources of information and whose insights would you trust? Leaving the interpretation of data to derive information and insights to the media and we'll risk a skewed perspective; leaving it to other people and we'll simply miss out on valuable insights that they withhold.

It is thus important that everyone be able to deal with data themselves: gather data, sift through data, integrate data, interpret data, make informed conclusions, and present their findings to their peers and to the world.

My ongoing research focuses on designing usable tools that facilitate information access, management, visualization, and exploration for casual users—those without programming and system administration skills.

Latest Publications

Parallax and Companion: Set-based Browsing for the Data Web. Submitted to WWW 2009.

Adopting A Common Data Model for End-User Web Programming Tools. Submitted to End-User Programming workshop at CHI 2009.

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A Bit About Me

In my spare time, I read and draw. I enjoy working with my hands, building things, visualizing things.

This term, I'm taking Introduction to Drawing (cont. ed.) taught by Carrie Hott at SFAI.

Project Highlights

Parallax: A set-based browsing interface on Freebase data.

Seek: An extension to Mozilla Thunderbird that provides faceted browsing features for searching through email more effectively. See screencast here.

Exhibit: a lightweight data publishing framework that you can use to create rich mash-ups (see screenshot below) using just HTML and JSON. No database, no web application whatsoever.

Potluck: a Web-based data mixing tool that supports drag and drop and simultaneous editing. "Stunning," said Jon Udell, but see this screen cast and judge it for yourself.

Timeline: the equivalence of Google Maps but for temporal data—the first Web API for rendering interactive timelines in web pages.

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